AUM: The Cult At The End Of The World

How is it that despite all the early warning signs, a Japanese cult managed to grow unchecked, amass weapons in preparation for doomsday, and be willing to kill thousands to please their leader? An investigation chock-full of firsthand accounts sheds light on the past (and present) of Aum Shinrikyo.

End of Love Season

At 75, Geula broke up with her husband Arik, 77. A contractor built a wall that divided their house in two. This intimate, funny, painful and surprising family journey reveals why it took them 55 years to break up.

Incoming Call

Aref, Marcella, Ziv, and Lydia; answering incoming calls on the anonymous ERAN helplines. They all received extensive training to help people with emotional difficulties and participated in countless conversations. Each one of them has a conversation they will never forget.

Kristos, the Last Child

A tiny Greek Island is home to a thousand goats and thirty humans, including one child—Kristos, the sole pupil at the local school. To continue his education, Kristos will have to leave the island, and the upcoming goodbye leaves him in turmoil despite the allure of things to come.

Mourning in Lod

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict retold through three people whose fates become inextricably linked in a vicious cycle of violence. The outpouring of love, anger, and forgiveness that follows is a ray of light that offsets a collective state of seemingly endless mourning.

Much Ado About Dying

When director Simon Chambers rushed home to tend to his dying uncle, he had no idea he would spend four wild and hilarious years by his side—years full of drama, naked dancing, Shakespeare, and other surprises. This is a story about the twilight years of a true free spirit.


Seventy years after the US military sent him to guard the top Nazi war criminals at the Nuremberg trials, Nathan Hilu still cannot stop drawing his memories. His art is powerful, but is it authentic? Could the most dramatic events of his lifetime taken on a life of their own?

Patrick and the Whale

Diving beside them, he looks like a puny insect, but marine videographer Patrick Dykstra manages to form incredibly close relationships with the whales he documents. A stunningly beautiful film about the remarkable bond between one man and the world’s biggest mammals.

Queen of the Deuce

Chelly Wilson was a Jew who celebrated Christmas, a lesbian who married men, and a feminist who built an empire of porn cinemas in New York. Full of wisdom, humor, and contradictions, her tumultuous character is brought to life through recollections from her family, her own recordings, and captivating animations.

Red Herring

When Kit Vincent learns he is terminally ill, he turns his camera to his parents. Little by little, their façade of English stoicism begins to fracture, revealing the emotions and humor underneath. Vincent’s relationship with his father, who starts to grow cannabis and converts to Judaism, unexpectedly strengthens.

Secularism - Religion and state

Although Zionism was established as a secular movement of rebellion against religion, it never managed to break away. As Israeli identity drifts from its founders' secularism, the futuristic horror scenario of conflict between religion and state turns into actuality.


People who “starred” in documentary films and series talk about what happened after millions of people had seen their most intimate moments. Was this exploitation or salvation? Questions of ethics and power dynamics intersect with powerful personal experiences, both positive and negative.

The Deepest Breath

Alessia Zecchini and Stephen Keenan were destined for one another: she dreamed of breaking freediving records, whereas he specialized in ensuring divers' safe return to the surface. In a film chock-full of stunning underwater photography, the two attempt to free-dive into the Blue Hole of Dahab.

The Klezmer Project

A wedding cameraman and a clarinet player fall in love at a Jewish wedding in Argentina and travel to Eastern Europe in search of remnants of Yiddish and klezmer culture. Full of music and witticisms, this romantic film explores the historical, social, and political place of language, culture, and music.

The Last Rider

Greg LeMond, the first American Tour de France winner, was critically injured in an accident but recovered and raced again in 1989, helped by his unwavering determination and loving family. Packed with stunning cycling footage, this thrilling film reveals the drama, betrayals, and intrigue in this elegant sport.

The Last Seagull

After years of living as a “seagull”—a male escort for wealthy lady tourists—58-year-old Ivan yearns for love, a home, and stability. His clumsy attempts to find a wife are intertwined with efforts to reconcile with his son, a newly-minted father who lives in war-torn Ukraine.

Yossi Sarid

For 50 weeks and five days, the Minister of Education, Yossi Sarid, fought to demand that Shas’ education budget be covered, a struggle that concealed the story of the lifelong oppositionist who refused to compromise despite the consequences.