This is the story of Medellín’s queer scene, told using spellbinding cinematic aesthetics. Director Theo Montoya revisits young voices and faces lost far too soon, spotlighting Camilo Najar (a.k.a. Anhel69), who had been cast as the star of Montoya's zombie film shortly before dying of an overdose.

Between Revolutions

Caught in a vortex of historic events as revolutions sweep through their countries (Iran in 1979, and Romania in 1989), two young women exchange dozens of letters about their lives, hopes, and struggles. The film features rare archive footage and letters captured by the Romanian secret police.

De Humani Corporis Fabrica

Advanced technologies now allow us to insert cameras into areas of the body previously considered mysterious and inaccessible. Leviathan filmmakers Paravel and Castaing-Taylor invite us on a journey through the exciting wild landscapes of the human body, into the depths of the flesh-and-blood systems that we, sentient beings, inhabit.

Last Things

Artist-filmmaker Deborah Stratman weaves scientific discoveries, archeological findings, speculation, and philosophical theories into alternative narratives—part science, part fiction—for our universe’s past and future. None of them revolve around humans, and marvelous things happen in each one.


A collage of videos posted by Russian teenagers on social media paints a disturbing picture of growing up in a reality where bullying, cruelty, and apathy are routine, and the only way to survive is to adapt and perpetuate the cycle of violence. Winner of the IDFA Envision award.


Thousands of fans follow the nudes and videos of sex influencer Lalo Santos, who also stars in a porn film in the role of Mexican revolutionary Zapata. But his success comes at a cost, as bitter loneliness and a thirst for intimacy leave Lalo trapped in perpetual melancholy.

The Future Tense

After thirty years of living and working in London, the filmmakers are wondering if it’s time to return home, to Ireland. Oscillating between times and places (physical and virtual), the film explores concepts like home, belonging, and otherness in their political context and the context of one complicated family history.