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Thur-Sat | 18-20.5 | Cinematheque


This VR exhibition at the Cinematheque will feature four experiences by Israeli and Canadian directors that were created as part of a co-production project called “New Identities” – following Docaviv Festival’s mission to serve as a showcase for Israeli cinematic works that make use of new media.

The New Identities project is an Israeli-Canadian VR co-production with a focus on social themes. The project is supported by Gesher Multicultural Film Fund, Makor Foundation for Israeli Films and The Israel Film Council, the Canada Media Fund, and The National Film Board of Canada.

Opening hours of the VR exhibition at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque

*Purchasing a ticket grants access to all featured VR films.

Thursday 18.5 | 14:00-21:00
Friday 19.5 | 10:00-18:00
Saturday 20.5 | 10:00-20:00


Labeled Black (Work in Process)

By Irit Dolev, Alon Marom
Production: Holy City VR
Israel, Canada. 2023
15 Minutes

Labeled Black is a VR experience that travels from the realistic to the fantastic, bringing a story of a bleeding wound about loss and bereavement, a result of a police profiling leading to a tragic ending.

Spots of Light (Work In Process)

By Adam Weingrod
Production: OccupiedVR
Israel, Canada. 2023
15 Minutes

''Spots of Light is a VR experience that describes the transition from darkness to light, from blindness to sight, from death to life.

Blood Relations

By Analee Weinberger, Dpt.
Production: Genetic Media, National Film Board of Canada, Moofa Production House
Canada, Israel. 2022
18 Minutes

''What makes us who we are?'' is the question that drives Blood Relations, a whimsical VR documentary about an adopted child and an ancestral mystery. Using vintage objects, photographs and ephemera, the narrator takes us on an interactive quest to decipher her own identity.


By Miri Chekhanovich, Édith Jorisch, Dpt.
Production: National Film Board of Canada, Lalibela Productions
Canada, Israel. 2022
15 Minutes

Take a deep breath in. Out. In. Out. Now relax and contemplate a world where plastic is completely integrated with the environment. Plastisapiens is a meditative virtual reality experience that shows how the interchanging relationship between humans and the environment transforms our identity, right down to our DNA.