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The 1960s’ spirit of freedom and revolution did not pass them over: The Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, a Los Angeles group of meek, obedient nuns, found themselves in a rapidly changing world and decided that they too could change the rules. They protested for women’s rights, supported the Civil Rights Movement, and stood against violence, racism, and war. They learned and taught, made art and fought for their equality. The upper echelon of the Catholic Church—especially their local Cardinal—declared war on them, and when they refused to surrender, the Vatican itself stepped in and tried to suppress their rebellion. Left with no choice, the nuns left the order and founded their own community, which still thrives today. Now, the community’s founding mothers share how they found the strength and courage to stand against the patriarchy.

Previous Festivals: Sundance, Hot Docs, Miami Film Festival, Cleveland International Film Festival, Milwaukee Film Festival, AFI DOCS

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Screening Schedule:
  • Sun 04.07 | 10:00 | Cinematheque 3
  • Mon 05.07 | 13:45 | Cinematheque 3
  • Tue 06.07 | 20:00 | Webinars | Registration soon to be open | Filmmaker Pedro Kos in Conversation with Daphna Lewy
  • Sat 10.07 | 18:45 | Cinematheque 3
  • Watch online | The film will be available from July 1st until July 31st

Meet the Filmmakers

  • Registration soon to be open | Filmmaker Pedro Kos in Conversation with Daphna Lewy

    Tue 06.07 at 20:00

PEDRO KOS wrote and produced THE GREAT HACK (2019 Sundance, BAFTA nominee) and co-directed BENDING THE ARC (Sundance 2017). Previously, he edited Academy Award nominees THE SQUARE and WASTE LAND, as well as THE CRASH REEL and THE ISLAND PRESIDENT. Pedro is from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Production: Kira Carstensen, Shawnee Isaac-Smith, Judy Korin
Production Company: Anchor Entertainment, Merman
Script: Erin Barnett, Shawnee Isaac-Smith, Pedro Kos
Editing: Erin Barnett, Yaniv Elani, Pedro Kos, Ondine Rarey
Cinematography: Emily Topper, Clay Westervelt
Sound Design: Lawrence Everson
Music: Ariel Marx