Bella's Daughter

19-year-old Tsehla has an unwanted pregnancy, which brings her to reestablish her dependent relationship with her mother Bella.

Castle, The-

When her wealthy mistress passed away, Justina inherited the castle she had been cleaning and scrubbing since age five. Except the castle is crumbling, and she cannot afford the repairs. Slowly, she begins to contemplate saying goodbye to her vast, beautiful, and strange home—the only home she knows.

End of Love Season

At 75, Geula broke up with her husband Arik, 77. A contractor built a wall that divided their house in two. This intimate, funny, painful and surprising family journey reveals why it took them 55 years to break up.

Favorite Daughter

When the filmmaker’s mother and grandmother spend lockdown together, barbed remarks give way to close affection.

Future Brilliant

Gisele dreams of becoming an English teacher and finding love—someone who will understand and support her. The young tetraplegic, the filmmaker’s sister, is determined to succeed even in the face of hesitance from those around her. This beautiful film captures the quiet tenderness found even in the hardest moments.

Is There Anybody Out There?

Ella Glendining was born with a disability that sometimes makes it hard for her to walk but never stops her from dancing. She has never met anyone who looks like her, and when she goes searching, she finds new ways of thinking about bodies, disabilities, functioning, and difference.

Joan Baez I Am A Noise

As she goes on tour for the last time, Joan Baez, now 82, shares her complicated life story with remarkable candor. Childhood diaries, recordings from therapy sessions, conversations with her family, and an electrifying soundtrack coalesce into an unforgettable portrait of this larger-than-life singer and activist.


14-year-old Kiki is sentenced to juvenile prison for violence and drug offenses. His sister, Gal convinces the authorities to give him one last chance: a therapeutic trip to the desert.

Lies I Told Myself

While trying to heal his parents' disintegrating relationship, the director reveals a family secret and a deep wound within him and in his relationship with his fiancée. A cinematic odyssey to discover the truth about love, lies, betrayals and everything in between.

Love to Love You, Donna Summer

Donna Summer's millions of fans did not know the soft, vulnerable, and funny sides of the singer who revolutionized pop music with her sexy hit "Love to Love You Baby." Through personal interviews and rare home videos, Summer's daughter Brooklyn attempts to untangle the complexities of her mother's persona.


Mudi lives with his mother on an otherwise uninhabited island, where, through music and dance, he can access the mysteries of the spirit world.

Much Ado About Dying

When director Simon Chambers rushed home to tend to his dying uncle, he had no idea he would spend four wild and hilarious years by his side—years full of drama, naked dancing, Shakespeare, and other surprises. This is a story about the twilight years of a true free spirit.


Twin brothers Rémi and Raphaël see their close bond put to the test when adolescence makes their congenital differences ever more visible.

Queen of the Deuce

Chelly Wilson was a Jew who celebrated Christmas, a lesbian who married men, and a feminist who built an empire of porn cinemas in New York. Full of wisdom, humor, and contradictions, her tumultuous character is brought to life through recollections from her family, her own recordings, and captivating animations.


Whether it’s held on Zoom or in person, the traditional Passover Seder is a mirror that reflects fascinating family dynamics.

Red Herring

When Kit Vincent learns he is terminally ill, he turns his camera to his parents. Little by little, their façade of English stoicism begins to fracture, revealing the emotions and humor underneath. Vincent’s relationship with his father, who starts to grow cannabis and converts to Judaism, unexpectedly strengthens.

Rosemary A.D. (After Dad)

An animated love letter from a father to his newborn daughter, who changed his life and his fears.

The Eternal Memory

Augusto Góngora, one of Chile’s top political commentators, dedicated his life to preserving the memory of the atrocities committed by Pinochet’s regime. Remarkably, with Alzheimer's disease slowly erasing his memory and personality, a new kind of intimacy emerges between him and his wife—one marked by tenderness and compassion.

The Future Tense

After thirty years of living and working in London, the filmmakers are wondering if it’s time to return home, to Ireland. Oscillating between times and places (physical and virtual), the film explores concepts like home, belonging, and otherness in their political context and the context of one complicated family history.

To Kill A Tiger

When his 13-year-old daughter was raped, Ranjit, an uneducated Indian farmer, set out on an unprecedented fight for justice against the authorities, his community, and tradition. The film opens a rare window into the world of a man whose love for his daughter transformed him into a hero.

Two Hours a Day

A mysterious illness sends Maya to the hospital during pregnancy. Between medical checkups, phone calls from her partner and cellular meditations are intertwined with digital hallucinations.

Tzipora And Rachel Are Not Dead

After 30 years of failed efforts, Tahel finally persuades her younger sister Tzipora to leave Abarbanel Psychiatric Hospital and move in with her. A 16-year documentation of a struggle with the existence of a raw, unspeakable traumatic excess.


Roman Vishniac, a researcher and celebrated nature photographer, captured iconic images of life in Europe’s Jewish communities shortly before the Holocaust, unaware of the fate that awaited them. His life story is told by his daughter and grandchildren and accompanied by many of his beautiful and tragically heartwarming stills.

Will You Look at Me

A touching conversation between a young Chinese man and his mother, who struggles to accept his sexuality.