United States 2023, 113 min, English, Hebrew subtitles

After a 60-year-long career, Joan Baez, now 82, goes on tour for the last time, bidding farewell not only to the stage but also to her role as a leading activist who took part in some of the world’s biggest civil rights struggles. In addition to Baez’s wonderful songs, her collaborations with Dylan, and the public struggles that made her a living legend, the film sheds light on little Joanie, who was born to a mixed-race family and experienced racism firsthand; on Joan the young woman, whose success awakened dark demons within her; and on mature Joan, as painful memories seep through the cracks in her immense charisma. Self-possessed yet soft and serene, Baez shares her childhood diaries, family stories, conversations with her parents and sisters, beautiful photographs, and recordings from therapy sessions. To no one’s surprise, the soundtrack is electrifying.

Previous Festivals: Berlinale, CPH:DOX, SXSW Film Festival

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Karen O’Connor & Miri Navasky co-founded Mead Street Films over two decades ago. Their work include The Killer at Thurston High, The Suicide Plan, The Undertaking, New Asylums, and Growing Up Trans. They have won numerous awards including, the Emmy, the DuPont-Columbia, the Banff Award and the RFK Grand Prize for Journalism.

Maeve O’Boyle is an Emmy-award winning filmmaker. Her work includes The Education of Mohammad Hussein (HBO), shortlisted for an Academy Award. Other award winning work has premiered at TIFF, IDFA, FullFrame, Hot Docs, Sheffield Doc/Fest, BFI, and AFI Docs and has broadcast on HBO, PBS, BBC, ZDF, ARTE, Netflix and Apple TV.

Production: Karen O'Connor, Miri Navasky
Production Company: Mead Street Films
Editing: Maeve O'Boyle
Cinematography: Wolfgang Held, Ben McCoy, Tim Grucza
Research: Helen Dobrowski, Courtney Hayes
Music: Sarah Lynch

Source: Submarine Entertainment

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