Israel 2023, 18 min, Hebrew, English subtitles

An animated documentary film, showing a new perspective of women who work or live in the shelter for battered women. Based on interviews describing their daily experience in the shelter.

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"118" was created by students in Sapir College as a part of a documentary animation course in the second year. The film presents a new perspective about the subject of battered women in Israel.

Production: Yaara Ruth Maimon
Production Company: Sapir College - School of Audio and Visual Arts
Editing: Avichai Bloch
Research: Liana Mimran Osadon
Sound Design & Music: Dror Hai Shiman

Source: Sapir College - School of Audio and Visual Arts

Supporters & Broadcasters: Gesher Multicultural Film Fund, בית הספר לאומנויות הקול והמסך מכללת ספיר

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