An animated documentary film, showing a new perspective of women who work or live in the shelter for battered women. Based on interviews describing their daily experience in the shelter.

1948 - Remember, Remember not

Letters and diaries which have been written during the 1948 War of Independence, breathe life into the era and people who wrote them - Jews and Arabs. In the present, people who work in commemorating or breaking that war's ethos are documented.

A Minor Crime

What happens when a woman chooses to report sexual violence? Filmmaker Nur Fibak lays open the legal proceedings around the sexual abuse she had suffered as a child, revealing her transition from accuser to witness.


Eight men and women of different ages and backgrounds embark on an emotionally-fraught journey. All of them were sexually abused as children. Speaking with incredible honesty, they shed a powerful light on the darkness faced by one in five girls and boys in Israel.

Before Bedtime

Three years after receiving a terminal ALS diagnosis, 47-year-old Michal lost everything she was, except for being a mother.

Bella's Daughter

19-year-old Tsehla has an unwanted pregnancy, which brings her to reestablish her dependent relationship with her mother Bella.

Blind Spot

A young couple moves from Jerusalem to Jaffa to get closer to Tel-Aviv. They learn to suppress reality outside their window in favor of a comfortable life until the walls around them collapse.

Days of Pick

Tsvika Pick, Israel's first pop star, never let his downfalls diminish his place as king - at least in his opinion. Composed of rare archival footage and interviews, including ones with Pick himself shortly before his death.

End of Love Season

At 75, Geula broke up with her husband Arik, 77. A contractor built a wall that divided their house in two. This intimate, funny, painful and surprising family journey reveals why it took them 55 years to break up.

Girl, Disordered

Girl, Disordered portrays my personal journey, as an associative digital collage that sheds light on life with ADHD. It is an attempt to illustrate a transparent disorder into a documentary detailing the difficulties and symptoms.

Golda's Prince

In the early 2000s of the Tel Aviv skateboard scene, Moti was an enigmatic skateboarder who was willing to pay any price it takes to become a “pro skater”.


Lior and Fortuna make an unusual couple. Are they mother and son, friends, or simply two lonely immigrants that chose to live together as their own family?

Inbal Perlmutter- If you let me go

Inbal Perlmutter was a living legend who made her breakthrough as the lead singer in the all-female band Ha’Machshefot, bringing a unique voice to Israeli culture, a novel sound, and an openness to alternative sexuality. Using her diaries and rare footage, the film tells her story.

Incoming Call

Aref, Marcella, Ziv, and Lydia; answering incoming calls on the anonymous ERAN helplines. They all received extensive training to help people with emotional difficulties and participated in countless conversations. Each one of them has a conversation they will never forget.


Innocence tells the story of young people who enlisted into the Israeli army despite feelings of alienation towards it, and against their values. Their story is told through narration based on writings found after their death during their military service.


14-year-old Kiki is sentenced to juvenile prison for violence and drug offenses. His sister, Gal convinces the authorities to give him one last chance: a therapeutic trip to the desert.

Labor Pains

After escaping from her abusive partner, Liron (24) discovered she was pregnant with triplets. Today she is raising her three daughters alone, and fighting the temptation to go back to their father.

Lies I Told Myself

While trying to heal his parents' disintegrating relationship, the director reveals a family secret and a deep wound within him and in his relationship with his fiancée. A cinematic odyssey to discover the truth about love, lies, betrayals and everything in between.

Mourning in Lod

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict retold through three people whose fates become inextricably linked in a vicious cycle of violence. The outpouring of love, anger, and forgiveness that follows is a ray of light that offsets a collective state of seemingly endless mourning.

My Project X

In an attempt to understand the stamp of genius and logical madness of her stepfather, an infamous Mossad agent who hurt her family, Michal embarks on a journey with personal videos that explore America's most notorious criminals, including Charles Manson and Richard Ramirez.


Nora lives with 500 bats in a shelter she built for them and for herself, but she discovers that no place is safe from pain, loss and love.

Nurith Aviv - Woman with a Camera

For the first time, filmmaker Nurith Aviv sits down in front of the camera. As the defenses are lowered, her unique life story as the first woman cinematographer in Europe turns out to be the key to her own films.

Observation Diary

The film follows the observation diaries of Amit Geffen, a young bird-watcher who died at 21. By telling his story, the film explores the way we look at the world and our need to record it.

On Parole

The film follows Tysir, a 15-year-old boy released on parole from prison, and Yonatan, a social worker from the Prisoner Rehabilitation Authority, on their journey towards rehabilitation. Will they succeed against all odds?

Once Upon a School

This is the astounding story of The Midrashia, the mothership of the religious Zionism. It’s a story about an elitist educational establishment – that in its last years became a school dominated by chaos and violence.

Radio Propaganda

The story of immigrants from Arab countries to the Land of Israel who founded an underground radio station. The radio station operated in intelligence and political warfare against Arab countries.

Secularism - Religion and state

Although Zionism was established as a secular movement of rebellion against religion, it never managed to break away. As Israeli identity drifts from its founders' secularism, the futuristic horror scenario of conflict between religion and state turns into actuality.

Silver's Uprising

Crime boss or fearless dissident? The biggest cyber trial in the history of Israel will determine the fate of a former ultra-orthodox kid who transformed the drug-dealing business.

The Activist. Karl Marx

Only 11 people attended the funeral of Karl Marx in 1883. In the years to come, he changed the world. The film returns to the life story of the greatest activist of all times. The 18th film of the Hebrews-project.

The Center

The Center discovers the story and the history of Dizengoff Center, layer by layer, from the ground it was built on, to the top floor and the secrets this place withholds.

The Child Within Me

In a series of open, rare and sweepingly intimate documented meetings, Poliker, one of Israel’s musical giants, looks back at his life. His introspective, direct and honest gaze inwards is full of humor and self-acceptance.

The Gospel According to Alain

Alain left the family and returned after a decade. By getting closer to the grandpa she never had, the filmmaker asks him to look at the one who was left behind.

The Gun

Shaya is married to Moriah and father to Maayan. He carries a handgun everywhere. Shaya embarks on a journey to discover the possible origins of his fears after suffering post-trauma in the IDF.

Two Hours a Day

A mysterious illness sends Maya to the hospital during pregnancy. Between medical checkups, phone calls from her partner and cellular meditations are intertwined with digital hallucinations.

Tzipora And Rachel Are Not Dead

After 30 years of failed efforts, Tahel finally persuades her younger sister Tzipora to leave Abarbanel Psychiatric Hospital and move in with her. A 16-year documentation of a struggle with the existence of a raw, unspeakable traumatic excess.

Wedding Night

The First Night is an intimate film that takes us on a journey, capturing the time when ultra-Orthodox couples who have lived in complete separation from the opposite sex until marriage connect, marry and become husband and wife.

Yossi Sarid

For 50 weeks and five days, the Minister of Education, Yossi Sarid, fought to demand that Shas’ education budget be covered, a struggle that concealed the story of the lifelong oppositionist who refused to compromise despite the consequences.