United States 2022, 106 min, English and Japanese, Hebrew & English subtitles

A little over a decade had passed between the day Shoko Asahara founded what seemed like an innocuous yoga school and the day his disciples released deadly nerve gas on the Tokyo subway in a terrorist attack that claimed 14 lives and injured thousands. During that decade, Aum Shinrikyo, the ascetic cult that had formed under Asahara’s leadership, kidnapped and murdered its opponents, ran for parliament, built fallout shelters, negotiated with the leaders of the declining USSR, and amassed weapons in preparation for doomsday. Featuring analyses from top investigative journalists, testimonies from former cult members and their parents, and even an unexpected confession from Asahara’s right-hand man, this deep exposé sheds light on how the cult evolved into a terrorist organization and what remains of it today.

Previous Festivals: Sundance

Ben Braun is a NYC-raised and LA-based producer and director. He is SVP at Submarine Deluxe where he oversees the development and production slate. He executive produced Fire of Love, The Devil Next Door and produced Gamestop: Rise of the Players. AUM is his feature directorial debut.

Chiaki Yanagimoto (director) is a Japanese born, Los Angeles-based producer with
award-winning features. As a unique multicultural creative force, she began her career working for Taka Ichise and is currently developing international documentaries and scripted films under her own Synepic Entertainment. AUM is her first directorial work.

Production: Chiaki Yanagimoto, Ben Braun, Dan Braun, Josh Braun, Rick Brookwell
Production Company: Submarine Deluxe
Editing: Keita Ideno
Cinematography: Yohei Tateishi

Source: Submarine Entertainment, Fifth Season

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