Israel 2023, 70 min, Hebrew, English subtitles

As a young promising poet marked for greatness, Yossi Sarid unintentionally found himself in politics and eventually became the leader of the Left. He was ambitious; aspiring to save those on the margins of society but was often rejected by them. His dream of serving as Education Minister came true; when it did, he chose to insist on his principles at the cost of overthrowing the government. For 50 weeks and five days, Education Minister Sarid fought with the Orthodox Shas party that demanded its education movement’s debts be covered, and refused to yield even when he was called as “Evil Haman” and when the Prime Minister said he’d turned into a liability. This is the story of the eternal opposition leader who refused to compromise despite the consequences.

Avida Livny, Tel-Aviv University Graduate is a documentary film maker. Among the films he directed: a Standard Love Song: Einstein (2017), The Pianist from Ramallah (2020) and Murder at Cinema North (2020).

Production: Shula Spiegel and Dana Eden
Production Company: Donna and Shula Studios
Editing: Boaz Lion
Cinematography: Avner Shahaf
Research: David Mimony
Music: Ido Berger

Supporters & Broadcasters: HOT8, Makor Foundation for Israeli Films