Israel 2023, 53 min, Hebrew and Arabic, Hebrew & English subtitles

Tysir is 15 when released from prison on parole. The only one waiting for him is Yonatan, a social worker from the Prisoner Rehabilitation Authority. Yonatan tries to help Tysir to beat the statistics where 3 out of 4 teens return to prison. The deal, which seemed attractive behind bars, becomes a rocky journey in an impossible reality

Neta Pat Ben-Itzhak, a graduate of the screenwriting program - Sam Spiegel School, MFA in documentary cinema - TAU, B.A and M.A in law, B.A in psychology. Was a juveniles public defender for over a decade, and today workes at the ministry of justice with minors in imprisonment

Production & Research: Neta Pat Ben-Itzhak
Production Company: The Steve Tisch School of Film & Television, Tel Aviv University
Script: Neta Pat Ben-Itzhak, Gala Kaplun
Editing: Gala Kaplun
Cinematography: Maayan Schwartz, May Abadi Grebler, Omer Manor, Guy Sahaf, Natan Rushansky
Sound Design: Liav Bitan

Supporters & Broadcasters: Blavatnik Student Film Production Fund, The New Fund for Cinema and TV, בית הספר סטיב טיש לקולונוע וטלויזיה, אוניברסיטת תל אביב

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