Israel 2022, 70 min, Hebrew, English subtitles

This is the story of The Midrashia, the mothership of religious Zionism in Israel, “the Mother of all high school yeshivas”. It’s a story about an educational start-up, founded before the establishment of the State, having produced thousands of quality students that placed themselves in all the centers of power in Israel. This is a story about a school that in a complicated and surprising process, changed it’s manner, and from an elitist and luxurious school that educated successful and dedicated students – became an anarchist and wild place. This is a chilling and unbelievable story about an educational vision that collapsed, about brotherhood, the loss of control, coming-of-age, and about the human spirit in which the good and bad, cruelty and grace, are mixed together.

Yair Agmon - Produced and created a documentary series for television (“Y Y Y”, Kan 11), produced three documentary films (Closed Circuit, A Tale of Two Pandemics, Like a Beating Heart), two documentary web series (four seasons of “The Hitchhikers”, one season of “Lahisha'er BaMischak”), and a few short films.

Tal Becher - Writer and film Director. Born in 1987, married to Shira, father of Chaya and Noah. Published six books so far. Directed three full-length movies, a documentary series, two documentary web series, and six short films. columnist in the “Makor Rishon” newspaper.

Production: Omri Uzrad, Yoav Zeevi, Tal Becher, Yair Agmon
Production Company: Zeevi/Uzrad, Yalla Films
Script: Tal Becher, Yair Agmon, Netanel Yamin, Sharon Elovic
Editing: Sharon Elovic
Cinematography: Gal Rumbak, Yaniv Linton
Research: Racheli Vaserman, Avidan Ehrenberg, Netanel Yamin
Sound Design: Jungle Sound
Music: Ophir Leibovich

Supporters & Broadcasters: Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts, KAN – Israeli Public Broadcast Corp

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