Israel 2022, 21 min, Hebrew, French and German, Hebrew & English subtitles

A journey following a belief beginning with stars and ending in the Kibbutz. For over a decade, Alain left everything to live a spiritual life in Germany. One day he returned home. As the filmmaker gets closer to the grandpa she never had, she asks him to look at who was left behind. A fragile relation is formed between family and belief.

Previous Festivals: (מענק משמרות אונליין OPUS)

Director and video editor.
A graduate of the cinematography department at "Minshar College for art".
Her final documentary project "The gospel according to Alain", won the NFCT in the CoPro's student lab. The project also got an online grant at the DocAviv festival under the student pitching category.

Production: Barak Stern
Production Company: Minshar College for Art
Script, Editing & Research: Yarden Malka Bonet
Cinematography: Ella Dagan
Sound Design: Neal Gibbs

Source: מכללת מנשר לאמנות

Supporters & Broadcasters: מכללת מנשר לאמנות, The New Fund for Cinema and TV, זוכה מענק הפיצ׳ינג מעבדת הסטודנטים של copro לשנת 2021

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