Israel 2022, 17 min, Hebrew and English, Hebrew & English subtitles

Shaya (30) is literally attached at the hip to his handgun. As a result of the need to renew his firearms license, Shaya embarks on a journey of clarification regarding his fears and their effects, in the hope of unchaining himself from them.

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Shaya graduated the Maaleh Film School in October 2022. He also has a degree in communication and literature. He lives on Kibbutz Ein Tzurim together with his
wife, Moriya, and his children, Maayan Simcha (3) and Itai Michael (2 months) . Today he is director of his own media production company.

Production, Script & Research: Shaya Chesner
Production Company: The Maaleh Film School
Editing: Isaac Sverdlov
Cinematography: Yisrael Rohn Rigler
Sound Design: Amit Ben Atrar
Music: Amit Ben Atar

Source: ב"ס מעלה לקולנוע ע"ש אורי אליצור

Supporters & Broadcasters: The New Fund for Cinema and TV, המועצה הישראלית לקולנוע, משרד התרבות והספורט, בית ספר מעלה לקולנוע ולטלוויזיה ע"ש אורי אליצור