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In a town where the adults live on the ground and children refuse to come down from the treetops, a series of interviews sets out to discover – what is it exactly that the generations misunderstand about each other? This animated documentary highlights the absurdity of childhood, adulthood, the internet and generational gaps.

Previous Festivals: (סרט הסטודנטים הטוב ביותר), (Best Documentary Short (silver))

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Screening Schedule:
  • Thu 01.07 | 19:15 | Cinematheque 4
  • Watch online | The film will be available until from July 1st at 7:15 p.m. until July 11th

Ronni Shalev (b.1993), Hod Adler (b.1994) and Alon Sharabi (b.1995) are students at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. Their work together focuses on experimental narrative structures, collaborative animation techniques, and their shared love of hummus. They will graduate in 2021.

Production & Production Company: Bezalel Academy of Art and Design
Script: Hod Adler
Editing: Ronni Shalev
Research: Alon Sharabi
Sound Design: Marco Tomasin
Music: Marco Tomasin, Itamar Katzir