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For a couple of months the filmmaker had been filming a group of Jewish hilltop youths living in an area known as Shilo, situated in Judea and Samaria. He thought he would encounter a youth fantasy of wild freedom and total lack of restrictions and laws. Instead, he found a personal story of him and them.

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Screening Schedule:
  • Thu 01.07 | 15:15 | Cinematheque 4
  • Watch online | The film will be available from July 1st at 3:15 p.m. until July 11th

Iftach leor, 30 years old, living in Tel Aviv. I’m a graphic designer, game designer, motion and video designer. I am a graduate Bachelor of design (B.des) in visual communication from Bezalel
Academy of art and design. I am a currently self-employed creator and designer.

Production Company: Bezalel Academy for Arts and Design Jerusalem
Sound Design & Music: Noam Leor