A Reason to Live

The Second Lebanon War left Jonathan Levin paralyzed and unable to speak. Holding his writing hand, Adva helps him to seek meaning in his life. Shot from Jonathan's point of view, the film invites viewers to a fascinating, extraordinary inner world.


This 1994 documentary by Ilana Tsur examines the 1948 episode of the Altalena, a ship whose fate nearly incited civil war in the newly-established State of Israel. A special screening - in the memory of Ilana Tsur

Apples and Oranges

Around 350 thousand youngsters from around the world came to work in the kibbutz during the 1970s - 80s. Ideology, adventurism and hormones turned the volunteering movement into a hot trend. Why did it end? How many broken hearts were left behind?

Blue Box

The Jewish National Fund's Blue Boxes were part of a successful fundraising campaign to support the purchase of land in Palestine. Joseph Weits, the filmmaker's grandfather, was the man who orchestrated the acquisition and expropriation of Palestinian lands. Weits's private diaries reveal an uncomfortable truth.

Dirty Tricks

When the world’s best Bridge player is accused of cheating, the scandal threatens to bring the entire competitive Bridge world down in the true-crime comedy titled: DIRTY TRICKS.

Fifty Old Dogs

What happens when owners can no longer take care of their old dog? Moral dilemmas arise frequently at “Hofshi” (“Free”), a dog retirement home, and escalate rapidly when facing the threat of being shut down.

Gen Tree

In a town where the adults live on the ground and children on the treetops, a series of interviews sets out to discover - what is it that the generations misunderstand about each other?

Greeting From the Hilltop

Two paralleling stories; the first is about the everyday life of the hilltop youth on the hill where they live, the second is the personal story of the filmmaker searching fot the ideal masculine identity.


“What I search for in my writing are the moments that I’m able to touch both life and death” says Grossman, whose novels have touched many hearts. Grossman, reveals a close and intimate side of himself and shares personal stories alongside great novels.

Hadar HaCarmel

A portrait of Haifa's neglected neighborhood Hadar HaCarmel, told through the stories of a few of its most intriguing residents who still remember its glorious past.


Ten-year-old Na'ama deals with a big philosophical question regarding life & death. Working on her father's ranch that raises cattle for slaughter makes her question the meaning of life.


A sudden, shuddering tragedy forces Danny to revisit a dark secret from his past, one he buried years ago. Running out of time, while battling internal and external wars, Danny faces his own demons, and the desire for revenge.

Hot Blood

Daniela (16) and Ohad (17) dream of winning the World Kickboxing Youth Championship. Alongside the demanding lifestyle of training, they face strong opposition from their Caucasian families to the violent sport. Will their persistence and perseverance come to fruition?

How to Say Silence

An old photograph launches a cross-generational journey, revealing how national values were enlisted in early-days Israel for the patriarchal control over women’s bodies and wombs. With her grandmothers’ painful stories, the director breaks the bond of silence.

I Am Not

Putting a label on Oren Levi is impossible. After years of battling false diagnoses, his video camera is his only outlet for human interaction on a life-changing journey to self- discovery.

Leibovitch in Ma'alot

Three philosophers: Prof. Yeshayahu Leibovitch, Dr. Israel Eldad and Dr. Menahem Brinker drive to a small town in the northern Galilee to discuss the "Crisis of Zionism".

Nelson's Last Stand

The story of the bohemian holiday village established by Rafi Nelson on the Sinai border, caught in a border conflict between Israel and Egypt. Nelson, a colorful figure, goes to defend his land. An absurd look at the conflict in the Middle East through one square kilometer of passions.

On This Happy Note

While preparing for her death, Anat Gov calls upon Kneller, the agent who will be the executor of her will. Their last recorded conversation is a dialogue on life, death and creation. Anat wishes to leave a spiritual legacy to those who will remain after she is gone: there can be a happy ending.

One-Way Street

Erez Pery, an Israeli filmmaker living in downtown Manhattan, observes the street below from his apartment's window. The obsessive observation of the street becomes a cinematic reflection on the connection between reality and fiction.

Our Beds Are Burning

A documentary essay about the intellectual history of fascism. Writings and speeches of radical right-wing ideologues, quoted by actors, staged in contemporary situations in Israel, in Hebrew, at relevant locations, accompanied by archive footage and period music.

Queen Shoshana

Shoshana Damari was the first Israeli diva. She graced local and international stages, stirring millions with her voice. Hers was the life of a Hollywood legend and she paid the price for it. The woman behind the crown will come to light.

Riding With a Spy

After being convicted of espionage, ostracized by her people, and marked as a traitor, Israeli whistleblower Anat Kamm tried to rebuild her life in New York, but her past still haunts her.

Rothschild 16

Rothschild 16 is where Israel first declared its independence 73 years ago. For Palestinians, this event marks the "Nakba" ('catastrophe'). The film discusses the formation of memory surrounding a historical site with a dual meaning.

Shlomo Bar – a Musical Documentary

Shlomo Bar is one of Israel’s most important and original musical artists. In the film, which is presented in musical format, Shlomo examines his life’s trajectory through a series of encounters with key figures from the past and present.

State of Emergency

Through a plan of exercises, drills and educational programs, the citizens of Israel are required to prepare for the country's ongoing wars. A funny and alarming journey through Israel’s "culture of preparedness" and the people living in its shadow.

Summer Nights

How does the world look through the eyes of a 6-year-old child? A journey into the subconscious of an innocent and ingenuous child, as he falls asleep and drifts into the depths of his own mind.

That Orchestra With the Broken Instruments

100 musicians rehearse for an extraordinary performance - a symphony of broken instruments. A poetic, engaging look at the broken and the whole through Jerusalem characters determined to create, if only for a moment, harmony in a discordant city.

The Eternal Flame

The Physical Immortality Group was popular in Tel Aviv in the 1980s, functioning as the Israeli branch of Eternal Flame – an American group that believed in eternal life. Chaos ensued following the breakup of the group’s leaders, a polyamorous throuple.

The Extra-Ordinaries - Roni Kuban on a Journey to Loneliness Part 1

The Extra-ordinaries is docu-series that focuses on people and communities marginal to Israeli society, outside the mainstream norms. In this chapter, the first of two, Roni Kuban meets extremely lonely people on their journey to solution or reconciliation.

The Fourth Window

Following his death in 2018, the film unveils the double tragedy of the Israeli writer, Amos Oz, in a sensitive portrait of darkness, peace, trauma and stardom.

The Girl Who Didn't Know What to Do

The solar system is shaking, a girl sheds a tear, and a monster drinks blood. Personal childhood drawings and stories raise questions about hereditary melancholy.

The Good Soldier

An inside look at the work of Breaking the Silence, an organization of former soldiers who collect testimonies of those who served in the occupied territories. Directed by Silvina Landsmann, whose observational films examine institutions and organizations (‘Hotline’, ‘Soldier/Citizen’, ‘Post-Partum’).

The Therapy

An exclusive look inside “Conversion Therapy”. Lev and Ben attend conversion therapy in order to battle their same sex attractions and marry a woman. While Lev struggles to make it work, Ben has doubts that are about to change his life.

Two Minutes to Midnight

An all-women  government of a fictitious country must take a stand on an imminent nuclear threat from a foreign nation. The film is the final stage of the hybrid-experimental project “What if Women Ruled the World.”

Vacant Space

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a group of combat fighters gathers virtually for the annual Memorial Day meeting. The casual conversation through the screens takes an unexpected turn.


Seven YouTubers from around the world document their lives during the COVID-19 pandemic: the story of a generation that was born into social media, and now has to grow up in a viral world.

We Used to Sing

From Moscow to Tel Aviv. A family of four women in a small Tel Aviv apartment: the loneliness, the sisterhood and the longing.

Yamna's Blessing

Yamna (82) is a miracle-worker and righteous woman from Sderot. The film depicts her unique character and rituals, her eastern culture, and her journey to bequeath her mystical power, passed down from generation to generation, to one of her daughters.