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Acclaimed Korean painter Kim Tschang-Yeul didn’t talk much. He preferred to stay silent and paint. Water drops had always been a recurring motif in his art, but it wasn’t until he was 90, when his son, filmmaker Oan Kim, began filming him, that the droplets’ deeper meaning became clear. The elderly painter’s turbulent life story is revealed little by little: he was arrested, he escaped, crossed borders, and rebuilt his life again, and again, and again. Despite the rare, clipped conversations, the two form a special bond as the film progresses. In observation, attentive listening, touch, reminiscence, and shared family moments, they seem to orbit each other—now far, now nearer. Together, they paint a portrait of two artists healed by their art.

With the support of the Institut Français d’Israël.

Previous Festivals: Hot Docs, DocsBarcelona, Krakow International Documentary Film Festival

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Screening Schedule:
  • Fri 02.07 | 10:00 | Cinematheque 3
  • Sun 04.07 | 10:00 | Cinematheque 1
  • Thu 08.07 | 16:30 | Cinematheque 3
  • Watch online | The film will be available From July 1st until July 31st

Oan Kim studied video and photography and music writing in Paris. His work as a director ranges from art installation video to institutional film, including clips musical. In about thirty personal and collective exhibitions through the world, he alternates subjects close to documentary and research in plastic arts.

Brigitte Bouillot studied visual arts. She founded the group La Bouillot Le Morand for design installations mixing photography and video in Paris, Hamburg, Lisbon, Barcelona. In 2000, she was co-founded Le Potager design, that brings together filmmakers, photographers, graphic designers to develop projects combining photography, video for scenographic purposes.

Production: Clarisse Tupin, Young Kim
Production Company: Paraiso Production
Editing: Nassim Gordji-Tehrani, Oan Kim, Brigitte Bouillot
Sound Design: Oan Kim, Alexandre Hecker, Jules Wysocki
Music: Oan Kim


Supporters & Broadcasters: French Institute in Israel and French Embassy in Israel