A Bunch of Amateurs

Britain’s oldest amateur filmmaking club is teetering on the brink of survival. Its members, most of them aging eccentrics, may be short on money, but they have dreams aplenty: to recreate iconic scenes from musicals, to keep bringing fantasies to life. Will cinephilia and humanism beat the economic crisis?

Apolonia, Apolonia

Apolonia was born to bohemian parents and grew up in an underground Parisian theater. Filmmaker Lea Glob followed this young and incredibly charismatic artist for 13 years and was able to document her artistic and political growth thanks to their deep friendship. The film won the international competition at IDFA.

Between Revolutions

Caught in a vortex of historic events as revolutions sweep through their countries (Iran in 1979, and Romania in 1989), two young women exchange dozens of letters about their lives, hopes, and struggles. The film features rare archive footage and letters captured by the Romanian secret police.

Casa Susanna

Back when crossdressing was a crime in the US, there was a secret refuge in the Catskills, a paradise for those who wanted to live in their true trans identities, even if only for a weekend (with their wives). This is a story about courage, honesty, and one heartwarming community.

Golda's Prince

In the early 2000s of the Tel Aviv skateboard scene, Moti was an enigmatic skateboarder who was willing to pay any price it takes to become a “pro skater”.

Much Ado About Dying

When director Simon Chambers rushed home to tend to his dying uncle, he had no idea he would spend four wild and hilarious years by his side—years full of drama, naked dancing, Shakespeare, and other surprises. This is a story about the twilight years of a true free spirit.

The Child Within Me

In a series of open, rare and sweepingly intimate documented meetings, Poliker, one of Israel’s musical giants, looks back at his life. His introspective, direct and honest gaze inwards is full of humor and self-acceptance.

The Deepest Breath

Alessia Zecchini and Stephen Keenan were destined for one another: she dreamed of breaking freediving records, whereas he specialized in ensuring divers' safe return to the surface. In a film chock-full of stunning underwater photography, the two attempt to free-dive into the Blue Hole of Dahab.

Turn Every Page

These two American literary giants have worked together for almost half a century: Robert Caro—the Pulitzer Prize-winning political journalist and author, and Bob Gottlieb, the brilliant editor. In a film brimming with humor, wisdom, and intimate insight, Gottlieb’s daughter dives into the inner workings of their relationship.