This is the story of Medellín’s queer scene, told using spellbinding cinematic aesthetics. Director Theo Montoya revisits young voices and faces lost far too soon, spotlighting Camilo Najar (a.k.a. Anhel69), who had been cast as the star of Montoya's zombie film shortly before dying of an overdose.

Between Revolutions

Caught in a vortex of historic events as revolutions sweep through their countries (Iran in 1979, and Romania in 1989), two young women exchange dozens of letters about their lives, hopes, and struggles. The film features rare archive footage and letters captured by the Romanian secret police.

Casa Susanna

Back when crossdressing was a crime in the US, there was a secret refuge in the Catskills, a paradise for those who wanted to live in their true trans identities, even if only for a weekend (with their wives). This is a story about courage, honesty, and one heartwarming community.

Inbal Perlmutter- If you let me go

Inbal Perlmutter was a living legend who made her breakthrough as the lead singer in the all-female band Ha’Machshefot, bringing a unique voice to Israeli culture, a novel sound, and an openness to alternative sexuality. Using her diaries and rare footage, the film tells her story.

Joan Baez I Am A Noise

As she goes on tour for the last time, Joan Baez, now 82, shares her complicated life story with remarkable candor. Childhood diaries, recordings from therapy sessions, conversations with her family, and an electrifying soundtrack coalesce into an unforgettable portrait of this larger-than-life singer and activist.

Kokomo City

Four Black American trans women talk candidly about their lives as sex workers. Shot in a performative vérité format, this beautifully stylized, funny, and touchingly human film blends stories of horror, mortal peril, and personal triumph into a poignant political statement.

Little Richard: I Am Everything

Little Richard, the talented boy who got kicked out from home for his sexual orientation, became a celebrated musician and cultural icon. Archive footage, interviews with giants like Mick Jagger and Paul McCartney, and lots of concert recordings capture the complexity of an artist shaped by external and internal struggles.

Love to Love You, Donna Summer

Donna Summer's millions of fans did not know the soft, vulnerable, and funny sides of the singer who revolutionized pop music with her sexy hit "Love to Love You Baby." Through personal interviews and rare home videos, Summer's daughter Brooklyn attempts to untangle the complexities of her mother's persona.

Much Ado About Dying

When director Simon Chambers rushed home to tend to his dying uncle, he had no idea he would spend four wild and hilarious years by his side—years full of drama, naked dancing, Shakespeare, and other surprises. This is a story about the twilight years of a true free spirit.


Thousands of fans follow the nudes and videos of sex influencer Lalo Santos, who also stars in a porn film in the role of Mexican revolutionary Zapata. But his success comes at a cost, as bitter loneliness and a thirst for intimacy leave Lalo trapped in perpetual melancholy.

Queen of the Deuce

Chelly Wilson was a Jew who celebrated Christmas, a lesbian who married men, and a feminist who built an empire of porn cinemas in New York. Full of wisdom, humor, and contradictions, her tumultuous character is brought to life through recollections from her family, her own recordings, and captivating animations.

The Child Within Me

In a series of open, rare and sweepingly intimate documented meetings, Poliker, one of Israel’s musical giants, looks back at his life. His introspective, direct and honest gaze inwards is full of humor and self-acceptance.

Will You Look at Me

A touching conversation between a young Chinese man and his mother, who struggles to accept his sexuality.