Israel 2023, 54 min, Hebrew, English subtitles

With the aid of four actors in a rehearsal room, filmmaker Nur Fibak lays open the police investigation and court proceedings against the man who had molested her, revisiting the case as it unfolded from the moment she decided to seek justice. The film opens a unique window into the workings of the Israeli criminal justice system in sexual offense cases. Behind closed doors, during the cross-examination, everything is permitted, including asking invasive questions, doubting the woman on the witness stand, and forcing her—that same traumatized child, now grown up—to experience a second kind of abuse.

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Production: Assaf Amir
Production Company: Norma Productions
Script & Research: Nur Fibak
Editing: Nili Feller
Cinematography: Eyal Elisha
Sound Design: Avi Mizrachi
Music: Ophir Labovitz

Source: Norma Productions

Supporters & Broadcasters: Makor Foundation for Israeli Films, Yes Docu, Gesher Multicultural Film Fund

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