Israel 2022, 7 min, Hebrew, English subtitles

Ever since I can recall, it’s been there. My ADHD. Restless. Reckless and mainly transparent to all. My inner world is an associative collage of an unending sequence of images, colors, voices and ideas. I tried to turn off, if only for a moment, the noises, and make ADHD bit less transparent by peeking into my own private head.

Previous Festivals: (פרס היצירה)

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Shelly Shalev, deals in the development and improvement of brands. Art director and copywriter with the master’s degree in visual communication from Bezalel, within the framework of which this film was created.

Production, Script, Cinematography & Research: Shelly Shalev
Production Company: Bezalel
Editing: Yael Moinester
Sound Design: Ohad Stamati

Source: שש - שלי שלו

Supporters & Broadcasters: Bezalel Academy of Art and Design Jerusalem

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