Israel 2023, 28 min, Hebrew, English and Spanish, Hebrew & English subtitles

Following a chance encounter between Lior (early 50s) and Fortuna (late 70s), the two decide to become their own, unique family. The ties of their silent agreement start to unravel when Lior starts to wonder what price he has paid to be Fortuna’s family, and what possibilities he is forced to leave behind.

Hillel Rate is a director and screenwriter. He is a graduate of the Ma'aleh Film School. He completed his M.F.A in Documentary Cinema from Tel Aviv University. His documentaries My Father’s Son & I Asked Him to Take me Dancing screened at various film festivals around the world.

Production & Research: Hillel Rate
Production Company: Tel Aviv University
Script: Hillel Rate, Daniel Haimson
Editing: Daniel Haimson
Cinematography: Hillel Rate, Victor Palatnik-Krutman, Lior Peleh
Sound Design & Music: Liav Bitan

Source: H.R Film Distribution

Supporters & Broadcasters: Gesher Multicultural Film Fund, The Blavatnik Student Film Production Fund, בית הספר לקולנוע וטלוויזיה ע"ש סטיב טיש אוניברסיטת תל אביב