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Composed entirely of videos uploaded to social media in 2020, VIRAL tells the story of a new generation, coming of age during a global pandemic. Seven YouTubers in their early 20’s all have big plans for 2020, but as the year unfolds the world around them starts to change dramatically: news of a new virus emerges, Black Lives Matter protests take to the streets, the US elects a new president, and an economic crisis is looming on the horizon. As the YouTubers try to find their way in this increasingly unforeseeable future, they turn to social media to communicate and express themselves, while documenting everything from long distance relationships, to unemployment and financial hardships, to surprising political awakenings.

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Screening Schedule:
  • Sat 03.07 | 12:00 | Cinematheque 3 | Filmmaker Present
  • Tue 06.07 | 19:00 | Cinematheque 4 | Filmmaker Present | Q&A with the filmmakers after the screening, moderated by Nir Ferber
  • Thu 08.07 | 14:15 | Cinematheque 2
  • Watch online | The film will be available from July 1st until July 31st

Udi Nir is a writer, director and producer. He studied at the school of playwriting in Tel-Aviv and workd in theater for several years. His first feature documentary was #uploading_holocaust (2016, DOK Leipzig, BR, RBB, ORF, Keshet), followed by GOLDA (2019, DocAviv, DOC NYC, Arte, HOT).

Sagi Bornstein is a director, producer and editor of documentaries. His work includes GOLDA (2019, DocAviv, DOC NYC, Arte, HOT8), #uploading_holocaust (2016, DOK Leipzig, BR, RBB, ORF, Keshet) and Kafka's Last Story (2011, Arte, SWR, SVT, Channel 2, DOK Leipzig).

Production: Udi Nir, Sagi Bornstein, Christian Beetz, Georg Tschurtschenthaler
Production Company: udiVsagi production, Gebrueder Beetz Filmproduktion
Editing: Sagi Bornstein
Cinematography: @BB Tequila, @Cassandra Grimbly, @Tinie Planet, @Mallu Traveler, @Nathaniel Drew, @Riley Tench, @Justin Marcus
Research: Offir Yitzhak Merkel, Maor Tuvim
Sound Design: Matthias Schwab, Nimrod Eldar
Music: Nils Kacirek & Milan Meyer-Kaya


Supporters & Broadcasters: The New Fund for Cinema and TV, Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg, HOT8, SVT, DR, ARTE/ZDF