A Jewish Life

Marko Feingold, a survivor of four World War II concentration camps, devoted his life to helping Jewish survivors reach Palestine. He shares his tumultuous tale with breathtaking clarity and has no qualms about revealing the associations between his memories and the present.

Final Account

They weren’t the big monsters—they were the rank-and-file Germans who ran the Nazi machine's routine operations: bakers, drivers, cleaners, accountants, soldiers. The last of the old Nazis give a very intimate account, revealing what they knew, what they repressed, and how come they didn't say “no."

Her Name Was Europa

The last wild aurochs died in the 17th century, yet these near-mythical beasts continue to entice zoologists, geneticists, cattle farmers, and artists, some of whom try to bring them back to life. A film packed with humor and social criticism, neither of which diminishes its scientific or historical depth.

Misha and the Wolves

Misha was only seven when she went looking for her parents, who had been taken by the Nazis. Deep in the woods, she was adopted by a pack of wolves and survived the war under their care. Her story sparked the imaginations of many until the truth came out—and it turned out to be even darker and stranger.

The Meaning of Hitler

What was the secret of Hitler’s charm? How is it that people still worship him? And how is any of this related to culture, consumerism, and even technology? Determined to solve the riddle, Petra Epperlein and Michael Tucker (Karl Marx City) set out on a meandering journey full of surprises.