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The Extraordinaries is a docu – series that focuses on people and communities marginal to Israeli society, people who live outside the mainstream norms by choice or fate. The series is characterized by its non-judgmental standpoint which allows it to open doors that are usually closed to the media and deal with issues that are not usually spoken of. In this episode, the first of two, Roni Kuban accompanies extremely lonely people, young and old, women and men, who are willing to expose their situation openly although it involves so much shame and guilt. Kuban documents their journey to break the walls of their loneliness or accept it and be reconciled with it.

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Screening Schedule:
  • Fri 09.07 | 12:30 | Cinematheque 1 | Filmmaker Present | Q&A after the screening, moderated by Orr Sigoli
  • Watch online |

Gilad Tocatly is a Film and TV Director and producer. Born in 1966 in Jerusalem, he is an excellence graduate of the Sam Spiegel Film School’s. He has directed more than thousands of studio shows and hundreds of investigative stories, focusing on history, the arts, and politics. He has served as the chief director of Israel’s top rated documentary television program, “Uvda” (Fact) on the Israeli Channel 2, for the past 27 years - since 1993

Creator And Announcer: Roni kuban
Creator And Contant Editor: Sharon Karni
Production: Dafna Prener & Shai Eines
Production Company: Artza Productions
Editing: Sergio Liberman
Cinematography: Shalom Rufeisen, Eliran Knoler
Research: Nadav Yizchki


Supporters & Broadcasters: KAN – Israeli Public Broadcast Corp