A Reason to Live

The Second Lebanon War left Jonathan Levin paralyzed and unable to speak. Holding his writing hand, Adva helps him to seek meaning in his life. Shot from Jonathan's point of view, the film invites viewers to a fascinating, extraordinary inner world.

Downstream to Kinshasa

Almost two decades after they got injured in the Six-Day War in Congo, a group of outraged civilians journey to the capital by boat to protest against the indifference toward them. This intimate film follows their odyssey from up close and is completely devoid of self-pity.

Her Socialist Smile

Helen Keller was deaf and blind, but she refused to be mute. After learning to talk, she became an activist and a strong voice for workers’ rights. Her socialist beliefs are laid out in this eye-opening documentary essay.


A sudden, shuddering tragedy forces Danny to revisit a dark secret from his past, one he buried years ago. Running out of time, while battling internal and external wars, Danny faces his own demons, and the desire for revenge.

Hot Blood

Daniela (16) and Ohad (17) dream of winning the World Kickboxing Youth Championship. Alongside the demanding lifestyle of training, they face strong opposition from their Caucasian families to the violent sport. Will their persistence and perseverance come to fruition?

I Am Not

Putting a label on Oren Levi is impossible. After years of battling false diagnoses, his video camera is his only outlet for human interaction on a life-changing journey to self- discovery.

Imad's Childhood

Imad is not yet five, and already he has spent half his life in ISIS captivity. The horrors he had experienced and the violence ingrained in him cannot be erased. His intensely emotional journey toward recovery is facilitated by his mother, his grandmother, and an exceptional therapist.

Inside the Red Brick Wall

The underground Collective of Hong Kong Documentary Filmmakers covered the 2019 student protests from an unusual angle: they joined the protesters, marched shoulder to shoulder with them and spent tense weeks trapped beside them under a police siege, oscillating between hope and despair.

Life, Animated

Owen, 23, learned everything he knows about the world from animated Disney movies. When he was first diagnosed as autistic, no one imagined that he would learn to talk or to function on his own. Disney's animated movies became his key to a world that was otherwise locked.

Nelson's Last Stand

The story of the bohemian holiday village established by Rafi Nelson on the Sinai border, caught in a border conflict between Israel and Egypt. Nelson, a colorful figure, goes to defend his land. An absurd look at the conflict in the Middle East through one square kilometer of passions.

Ride the Wave

With medals under his belt, 14-year-old champion Ben Larg sets his sights on a new challenge: to conquer one of the world’s biggest waves in the icy waters of Mullaghmore, Ireland. This beautifully shot film follows Ben through his teenage years on a journey toward an incredible achievement.

Riding With a Spy

After being convicted of espionage, ostracized by her people, and marked as a traitor, Israeli whistleblower Anat Kamm tried to rebuild her life in New York, but her past still haunts her.

The Extra-Ordinaries - Roni Kuban on a Journey to Loneliness Part 1

The Extra-ordinaries is docu-series that focuses on people and communities marginal to Israeli society, outside the mainstream norms. In this chapter, the first of two, Roni Kuban meets extremely lonely people on their journey to solution or reconciliation.

The First Woman

After six years in a closed psychiatric ward, Eva is about to be discharged. She dreams of building a new, "normal" life for herself. She finds a job and new love, but will she be able to reconnect with the son who was taken from her twenty years ago?

The Good Soldier

An inside look at the work of Breaking the Silence, an organization of former soldiers who collect testimonies of those who served in the occupied territories. Directed by Silvina Landsmann, whose observational films examine institutions and organizations (‘Hotline’, ‘Soldier/Citizen’, ‘Post-Partum’).

Yamna's Blessing

Yamna (82) is a miracle-worker and righteous woman from Sderot. The film depicts her unique character and rituals, her eastern culture, and her journey to bequeath her mystical power, passed down from generation to generation, to one of her daughters.