A Man and a Camera

Who is the stranger holding the camera? And why doesn't he say anything? Those who meet him try to solve the riddle, but are instead forced to look inward, to themselves, for answers. Why are they angry? And what brings people to invite this stranger into their home and open up to him?

A Reason to Live

The Second Lebanon War left Jonathan Levin paralyzed and unable to speak. Holding his writing hand, Adva helps him to seek meaning in his life. Shot from Jonathan's point of view, the film invites viewers to a fascinating, extraordinary inner world.

All Light, Everywhere

How have inventions meant to keep us safe become powerful tools of policing and surveillance in the hands of the authorities? In his search for answers, Theo Anthony (Rat Film) explores innovative technologies and exposes the basic assumptions behind them.


A chase where mesmerizing imagery is paired with a disturbing text raises poignant questions: are humans, like this herd of antelopes, galloping to their doom?

By the Throat

From biblical times to the 21st century, the way we pronounce words has been used to tell friend from foe and decide who gets welcomed and sheltered—and who gets left out. How clear are the vocal borders between us, and how much of this reality is determined by politics?


Gunda and her little ones have a complex and heartwarming emotional life. Director Victor Kossakovsky (Aquarela) follows Gunda the sow and her newborn piglets as they explore the world. Filmed without commentary in stunning black and white, the piglets display the qualities of real stars.

Her Name Was Europa

The last wild aurochs died in the 17th century, yet these near-mythical beasts continue to entice zoologists, geneticists, cattle farmers, and artists, some of whom try to bring them back to life. A film packed with humor and social criticism, neither of which diminishes its scientific or historical depth.

Her Socialist Smile

Helen Keller was deaf and blind, but she refused to be mute. After learning to talk, she became an activist and a strong voice for workers’ rights. Her socialist beliefs are laid out in this eye-opening documentary essay.

Listen to the Beat of Our Images

The story of the space center in French Guiana is pieced together from archive footage, which coalesces into memories—simultaneously personal and collective.

Lost Boys

Three young Finns go on holiday in Thailand and Cambodia, hungry for darkness and danger. When two of them go missing, the third, filmmaker Joonas Neuvonen (Reindeerspotting), goes looking for them. The menacing-yet-enticing world he discovers leads him to test his ethical boundaries as a documentarist and a friend.

One-Way Street

Erez Pery, an Israeli filmmaker living in downtown Manhattan, observes the street below from his apartment's window. The obsessive observation of the street becomes a cinematic reflection on the connection between reality and fiction.

Silent Voice

Khavaj cannot speak. He fled Chechnya when his brother, having found out that Khavaj was gay, threatened to murder him. His mother keeps leaving him tormented voicemail messages, but there is nothing he can do—to start anew, he must break away from his past completely.

State of Emergency

Through a plan of exercises, drills and educational programs, the citizens of Israel are required to prepare for the country's ongoing wars. A funny and alarming journey through Israel’s "culture of preparedness" and the people living in its shadow.

The Filmmaker's House

The investors would rather see him direct a show about serial killers, but Marc Isaacs prefers to film a small-scale film about simple people. The plot thickens when a group of odd strangers gathers in his home. Then, in a second plot twist, the camera pulls back to reveal an unexpected truth.

There Will Be No More Night

Their cameras and scopes are mounted on their helmets, moving with their gaze. Invasive night vision footage accompanies the stories of American and French helicopter gunners in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan, raising political, technological, and ethical questions.

Voices Apart

Three young people talk about the day they crossed the line that separated reality from hallucination—and began hearing voices.

When the Sea Sends Forth a Forest

A survivor's memories of the Cambodian Genocide are reconstructed using original 3D animation and archive footage.